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Avon Township supervisor creates Community Development Task Force

(ROUND LAKE PARK, Illinois)—Avon Township supervisor Terry Wilke announced today the creation of a Community Development Task Force for Avon Township.

 This is an opportunity to build on some of the work that local municipalities like Round Lake Park, Lake County and Round Lake Beach are already doing. The task force will address issues such as vacant commercial and residential properties, neighborhood beautification, and affordable housing in Avon Township.

The task force will develop a process for these efforts, define the township’s role, investigate potential funding sources, and seek community input throughout. Supervisor Wilke plans to place the task force on the agenda for discussion at the next township board meeting February 10.

An initial informational meeting about the task force will be held Thursday, March 19 at 6pm at the Avon Township offices, 433 E. Washington Street, Round Lake Park. Members of the public are encouraged to attend. The meeting will determine the makeup of the task force, which supervisor Wilke hopes will include numerous residents in the community who are interested in these topics and professionals in the field.

Let’s work together to continue to make Avon Township a beautiful place to live.


A few words about our

Neighborhood Revitalization Program

Avon Township has a Neighborhood Revitalization program in which we identify homes in a neighborhood that may be bringing down the value of other homes because of its poor condition or abandoned status etc. Once we identify these homes we rebuild them with the intent that they be up among the highest quality homes in that area, and then enter them into a housing program that pays off any debt incurred during the rebuild. After that it’s all positive income from there on, which is used to further the program.

320 Bellevue is one of those properties, it was on the County’s April 2019 Greenbook, listed for approximately $28,000. Avon Township considered the best use of this property to be a rebuild, with the property then being put into a housing program.

Incorporating this project into our Neighborhood revitalization Program made financial sense if the minimum bid price is reduced to the point where the final project cost is in range of the existing local housing stock. The county agreed with this assessment and sold the property to the Township for $1 with the understanding that it would be used for public good and not for the private gain of anyone.

Because this is in a community of lower cost housing, and because the property is in very poor condition having been abandoned since 2012, the rebuild itself would likely take us up to the point of local sale prices which is between $100,000 and $150,000 in this area. Most of the cost of rehab at this point has been supplied by volunteers, for the benefit of our constituents, although we are realists, we hope to keep it this way.

This property can serve four purposes. The first is that it would be rebuilt and instead of bringing down the neighborhood values, with a quality rebuild, it would bring up the neighborhood values. Secondly it is a program that pays for itself and has been well researched and profitably implemented in other cities and villages.  Third by boosting property values in that neighborhood it reduces taxes in other neighborhoods. Fourth it will be put into public service in a housing program in partnership with either the Lake County Housing Authority or one of the other local NGOs. These organizations help the elderly, vets, veteran’s widows, disabled individuals and many others with their housing needs.

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Our Community Links Tab offers an excellent array of services in Avon Township and Lake County, such as transportation, food pantry, park districts, senior centers, villages and many more. Just added, Affordable Housing Opportunities for low-income families.

Basic Budget Classes

Avon Township is pleased to announce that we will be offering “free” Basic Budgeting Classes for Township Residents on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. We also provide one-on-one budget counseling (English & Spanish) every Friday.  To set up an appointment, please call 847 546-1446 ext 101.  This service is provided at no cost to you.